Wi-Fi Hub Case Study


Sketch – Invision – Pen & Paper

Background, Project Requirements & Objective

TalkTalk is a telecommunications company providing value Broadband, TV and Calls services in the UK. The company is launching a new wi-fi router to rival competitors such as BT, Sky and Virgin Media with improved software and bespoke designed case.

To support the launch of TalkTalk’s new and improved router called the ‘Wi-Fi Hub’, I was tasked with both creating a landing page which educates and excites customers about the benefits of the new premium product, as well as updating the product pages and sales journeys. 

The Wi-Fi Hub will be included free of charge for new Fibre Broadband customers (including ‘Fibre’, ‘Fibre Speed Boost’, ‘GFast’ and ‘UFO’). Existing customers can purchase the Wi-Fi Hub through the Accessory Store. New ‘Fast Broadband’ (copper) customers will have the option to have the existing ‘Super Router’ free of charge or buy the Wi-Fi Hub for £30 (RRP £120).  The objective is to increase connections of Fibre broadband products, boost NPS and reduce churn.

Challenges & Limitations

  • TalkTalk’s current router is named the ‘Super Router’. This could potentially cause confusion with customers as being the premium router.
  • The Wi-Fi Hub will be free for certain customers but be an optional charge for others.
  • The short turn around for this project meant there wasn’t time for user testing before going live. User testing had to be conducted post-live with the view to optimise in the future.

Competitor analysis

I began by researching how competitor routers and other premium products are advertised online, as well as the existing TalkTalk Super Router and analysing these. 

The current ‘Super Router’ is given out free of charge to all customers. The landing page for this is bland compared to competitors. As a new premium product, the landing page for the Wi-Fi Hub needs to be exciting and engaging. 


Brainstorming content to include in the landing page based on competitor research and business requirements.

User Flow

User flow and touchpoints based on business requirements. This includes the landing page and existing pages to include information on the Wi-Fi Hub. Different content will need to be displayed on the ‘Good news’ results page depending on whether the customer is purchasing a Fibre product or not.


Some initial sketches and ideation around displaying the speed of the Wi-Fi Hub compared to the Super Router as well as how to show off the new design and structuring the landing page.


UI / Final Designs

Heat map


Customers have responded well to the Wi-Fi Hub with it helping boost Fibre NPS to +6, up from 0. 10% or 800-1000 new customers each month buying Fast Broadband are opting to buy the Wi-Fi Hub over the free Super Router. On average 20.6k sales each month (in total for free and paid for) include a Wi-Fi Hub.

* correct as of May 2019

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